Goodbye, IRWYG.


I treat my blogs as different chapters of my life and now I feel that I have to close this and start a new one. I’ve never felt this liberation that makes me so happy and appreciate life more. I am closing the door of that part in my life where I struggled and dealt with my inner demons. I may still be struggling from time to time though, but I am confident that I could easily get over them and get myself together again. I was not able to post as much as I did before, but the days in-between were enough testaments that I can make it through the not-so-good days and so it is time to make the most out of this rainbow after the rain.

Goodbye It Rains When You’re Gone, it’s time to Make More Memories and Paper Cranes! 🙂



4 am realizations


These are the moments that I’d rather have a large serving of my favourite milktea than face all the stress life brings. But then again, without the challenge, stress and pressure, my life wouldn’t be exciting as it is!

I Don’t Want to Fall In Love

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I don’t want to fall in love. I have fallen in love before. I have bruised my body, my ego, and that organ between my ribs. The limitations of luck, gravity, and the inevitable ground have betrayed me every time.

I don’t want to fall in love. How can you enjoy the beginnings of things if you’re flying through them so rapidly? Moving so quickly puts everyone at risk for injury. Falling in love can scar.

I don’t want to fall in love. I’m not looking for the relationship equivalent of a roller coaster ride.  Do you know the best thing about a roller coaster?  No one can force you to get on it. When people say, “Do one thing every day that scares you,” they aren’t talking about another human being.

I don’t want to fall in love.  Real life is not a Taylor Swift song.  My skeletal system…

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It has been months since I last opened my WordPress account. Everything was fine and I was carrying on with my busy life but then there will be times (like this) when everything seems to be so twisted again.

I call this phase “days of uncertainties”. It’s when you feel incredibly happy but then life has its silly way of saying, “you can’t be happy, miss.” It’s when you’re willing to invest time and feelings for others but the two of you are not on the same fcking page. It’s when you’d rather hope for the past to just come back since the present is not giving you any chance, but then again, why the hell would you want to go back? It’s when you feel that maybe gambling on the past is way way better than hoping for the present and for what’s in store.
You get me? Oh yes, I sometimes don’t get the situation too.

How To Be A Woman


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1. Play dodgeball as a kid. You’re tough. Just because you duck doesn’t mean you’re afraid of getting hurt. This is how you win.

2. Do something that involves being on your knees, in dirt. You’re not afraid of dirt. He will look at you and see a lion and be in awe of you.

3. Then stand up. You do not need his awe.

4. If you get raped, share your story. Make sure your voice is heard. But don’t prosecute him. You’re above that. This is how you win.

5. Develop an interest in a male-dominated career. Then, do it better than him. Every man is waiting for you falter, to return to the womb, to fill yours. Do your part for us women. This is bigger than you.

6. Fall in love with a broken man, but don’t try to fix him. Show everyone how big your…

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What You Thought Love Was Going To Feel Like

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You thought falling in love with someone was going to clue you in on some big secret of the world and that you would start to understand things in the way you were always meant to. And it did. Sort of.

You thought falling in love would make you feel safe and protected. Even when you were out with friends or hanging out by yourself at home, you’d feel like someone was always taking care of you. They were. They were thinking about you, adoring you from afar, and filling you with a sense of security.

You thought sex would mean something more if it was with someone you loved, just like you had heard about on the television or read about it in books. You’d feel more comfortable getting naked, you’d want to give more, you wouldn’t feel empty once the orgasm faded away. This held true. Sex was…

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9 Things You’ll Regret After A Breakup


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1. Expensive items you bought for him/her. At the time those lavish gifts were purchased it seemed like a sweet gesture for your future life companion, but now that you’re certain this isn’t the Cory to your Topanga (or vice versa) — every transaction you ever made becomes a financial regret. I mean, your bank account balance would be three times what it currently is had you not spoiled your former lover with boatloads of crap they didn’t deserve. There should a “Breakup Insurance” that offers folks some type of monetary replenishment in the event that their relationship meets its demise. A fat paycheck after every separation would make heartbreak oodles more bearable.

2. Past freak-outs. They are highly humiliating but when you’re with someone long enough, they are bound to happen. Sometimes jealousy/a lack of trust results in those embarrassing nights that you’ll forever be ashamed of. You know…

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To Be Happy Or Great? That’s The Question

Amen to this article.

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One of the characters in ABC’s Scandal, Cyrus, once said in one episode, “Some people are not meant to be happy. They are meant to be great.” It’s not the first time I had heard something alluding that happiness and greatness are mutually exclusive. Oftentimes, I wonder if it is true. When we think of heroes, creators, legendary people, one can only imagine the amount of personal sacrifice it takes to truly do something extraordinary. And I have often wondered if part of this personal sacrifice is happiness.

I think that people who do the greatest things on earth often have to face the greatest tribulations. The road to greatness seems like a road filled with disappointments and anguish and more failures than victories. And I don’t think many people are willing to travel that road. It is understandable; our humanity is often one that seeks pleasure and avoids…

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You Should Fall In Love With Them A Second Time

But you didn’t allow yourself. And eventually, everything will be okay. I will love again. 🙂

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Relationships always have problems. I don’t think I’ve ever had any relationship, friendship or otherwise, that was 100% problem free. Either my own problems, or my friend or boyfriend’s problems, and how all those issues end up impacting the relationship. In a way, it’s sort of what you sign up for when you get into a new relationship. You’re basically saying, “You’re an amazing person and I’m willing to accept all of your baggage.” Yes yes: I know we have to draw a line in the sand somewhere, at least where other people’s baggage is concerned, but we ALL have baggage and things that make us feel insecure. The sooner we realize and understand that, the better our relationships might turn out.

Are we breaking up too soon? When we break up with someone, or think we want to break up with them anyway, are we making a rash decision?…

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10 Ways To Deal With Losing The One Person You Want


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I don’t know about you but I’d rather breakdance barefoot on broken glass than be rejected by the only person I want and desire. And yeah, I’m serious. The pain of losing the one you desire, the shame of being rejected, the self-doubt that sets in when you’ve been denied, they all teach you how emotional pain can feel far worse than physical pain. And I’m not speaking metaphorically. I would gladly do bloody backspins before suffering heartbreak. The shitty thing is… we rarely get to choose.

I was once skateboarding down a super-steep hill in San Francisco when my board started to shake from speed-wobbles. Since I was going faster than cars were driving, when I finally crashed I shoved my hands down just as I hit the pavement. I thought I’d brace against the impact and then roll. Instead, my hands stuck to the blacktop, I slid the…

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