I still need sleep

I have been out of our house for almost everyday since the week started. I got my Student license (driver’s), got my scholarship refund and had separate dates with Sheen, Pat, ate She and Katchu. A while ago, it was all thanks to me being lucky today that the Comelec people let me register despite […]

40 months

Happy 40 months to us! I just finished watching The Last by Wong Fu Productions, and I quoted what I consider as the best part of the video: “You are the 6th…you aren’t any of them, because you are all of them.You are who I love. The girl in the pedestal, the fantasy, the make […]

Burning Red

  I attempted to post a Macon-pulling-off-a-red-lipstick-photo but I do not have a red lipstick, sad to say. Anyway, I already listened to Taylor Swift’s Red Deluxe album! Unfortunately, I am poor enough to purchase the album and its deluxe version from iTunes. I will not post any link as to where I got my […]


I have been away from blogging for almost a year now, but I resorted to coming back just when things are starting to not go in my way already. Maybe this reminds me of my younger self or maybe blogging just releases all the emotional tension I feel. As of the moment, I am at […]