Burning Red


I attempted to post a Macon-pulling-off-a-red-lipstick-photo but I do not have a red lipstick, sad to say. Anyway, I already listened to Taylor Swift’s Red Deluxe album! Unfortunately, I am poor enough to purchase the album and its deluxe version from iTunes. I will not post any link as to where I got my copy because I encourage everyone to purchase them online. Thanks to Rico, I have already seen the Deluxe album’s digital booklet. And.. if and only if I have the time, I’ll post my thoughts on every song of her album.

Today, I finished re-watching Death Note. Thank goodness my best friend’s already home, we can now start watching other series together (starting this morning)! This day is just another one of my lazy-ass days until I remembered that I have to download Red.

Moreover, tonight, I have come to one of the major decisions I have to make for myself. I decided to stay in my course. Try my luck, grab this second chance and just do my best to survive. I am really terrified of what’s going to happen if I still didn’t meet my own expectations. But who cares? I know that I can still do this, I’ll start believing in myself more than before. I thank my friends who served as my support system and gave numerous pieces of advice. I found enlightenment in your words.

Two of the things I look forward to this week (or next week probably) are getting my driver’s license (student) and registering as a voter! I am totally feeling 18 right now! And!! I’ll also start my driving lessons in a few days! Yaaaaayy!!


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