40 months

Happy 40 months to us! I just finished watching The Last by Wong Fu Productions, and I quoted what I consider as the best part of the video:

“You are the 6th…you aren’t any of them, because you are all of them.You are who I love. The girl in the pedestal, the fantasy, the make believe that things are actually true. 
You are what I love. The depth, the inside jokes, the bestfriend.
You are when I love. A new history is being started with you. We are the young lover our older selves will someday reminisce about. 
You are where I love. Because I’d go anywhere just to be you. 
You are why I love. Because before you, I didn’t truly understand what I was looking for. And now that we found each other, you’ve given my past and future a meaning. 
You are the 6th. You are the last.”

I also have my own who, what, when, where and why I love. Who I love is the guy with those chinky eyes and whose fashion statement sometimes exceeds mine; the guy I’d gladly choose instead of Death Note’s Yagami Light (hihi). What I love is the guy equipped with pick-up lines ready to bombard my inbox, the guy I can call every nickname I wanted to, the guy I’d play Xbox games with, a bestfriend whom I can spoil every manga I’ve read ahead of him and someone to call to whenever I’m having my best or worst day. When I love is the guy I’ve loved from high school… and until now that we’re in college. Where I love is the guy I am willing to spent hours of bus ride or even several LRT rides just to visit him. The guy I’d wanna go to the malls, dine and watch movies with. Why I love is the guy who keeps me going, the guy who puts me at my best and makes me want to do everything and be better. The guy who makes me want to say “he’s what I am looking for”. I really really hope that you’re the last.


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