Almost a month after

November 4 was the day I went to Marquee Mall (after 10,000 years) and tried Gong Cha for the first time. November 5 was the day my college adviser told me that I had no chance of lifting my probationary status and so I should use the next semester as a preparation to shift to […]

See you on Christmas break?

I was with my best-est high school friends this afternoon! We really had a good time chatting over frappes, pasta and mojos. I really missed going to Beanery with those people and being with them takes me back to where I am most comfortable. Too bad we only had limited time and schools not too […]


“Took a deep breath in the mirror. He didn’t like it when I wore high heels, but I do. I do.” 🙂 *** Today, I realize that I can be a crappy model. Way to go, Macon! =)) (c) Kristin Davila

Oh Fifty

*** SPOILER ALERT I am finally done reading. What can I say, I envy all the hearts and flowers in the trilogy. It kinda makes me sad though, I hate the sweetness (hating it in a very good way) and the money and how non-sexually aggressive Christian Grey seemed to be only a fictional idea. […]

Productivity at last

I am really proud to share to you that I have read three books this sembreak (The Fault In Our Stars, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker). It’s more than a year since I forced myself to stop reading novels and focus on my studies. Actually, I realize that reading is my forever favorite […]