Productivity at last

I am really proud to share to you that I have read three books this sembreak (The Fault In Our Stars, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker). It’s more than a year since I forced myself to stop reading novels and focus on my studies. Actually, I realize that reading is my forever favorite aside from blogging. As of now, I am still halfway done with Fifty Shades Freed. Surprisingly… I am in love (which is different from addicted) with the trilogy! Well let me defend my point and restrain you from judging me haha. The erotic parts in the books make them controversial, yes I agree, and it’s as if I am reading porn BUT the love story’s too sweet that every girl would want someone who is willing to change because of her and only her, someone who’s gonna share a lot of ‘firsts’ with her and someone who’s willing to give her the world (I hate the fact that Christian Grey is too damn rich).


Tomorrow is my 4th day of driving 101. So far, so good. I never really thought it was that tiring or maybe I am just too PE-deprived that I don’t exercise anymore.

Bonded with my best friends last Monday! I really missed you!

Yesterday was my younger brother’s 10th birthday and today’s my younger sister’s 17 birthday. Indeed, we have these annual festivities every October 31st and November 1st.


I am still in the process of assessing every song in Taylor Swift’s new album. I am really excited to post another blog entry concerning her songs and as to how I understand and explain them. As of now, I am loving Treacherous and All Too Well. I am looking forward to be back in Manila this month, really excited to buy my own Red Standard Edition, Red Deluxe Edition and Red Zine Pack International Edition and of course, buy my Serenitea Wintermelon milk tea fix after asdfghjkl days!


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