Almost a month after

November 4 was the day I went to Marquee Mall (after 10,000 years) and tried Gong Cha for the first time.

November 5 was the day my college adviser told me that I had no chance of lifting my probationary status and so I should use the next semester as a preparation to shift to another college. I cried like it was the end of the world but I had to make a decision over night. I chose to shift (HOPEFULLY) to Business Administration. For the first time, I decided for my self without all the external factors.

November 6 was a record-breaking day. From 6 units, I prerog-ed 12 more units before 5 PM. I even had my form 5 validated. After that, I had a date. Bigoli was so good and really worth it! I also bought the standard and deluxe editions of Taylor Swift’s Red. 🙂

November 7 was the day I had the fastest enrolment in the history of all my UP enrolment. I also went to Baclaran Church for the first time and went to the tiangges for super cheap finds.

November 8 was my first day of classes for the second semester. And I realized that I had to add another class to lessen my delay. And being the lucky girl I was, I got BA 181 (Management Science).

November 9 was another first day for my other classes. I went on a date afterwards.

November 10 was a tiring but fun-filled day. I went to the Economics Leadership Summit, a major event of our organization, and watched the debate eliminations.
After that, I started prepping for Alex’s 18th birthday party.

The venue was intimate and I was with my dorm close friends as we seize the night. The food was great and we had a few drinks, some dancing and little tipsy-ness until midnight. For the second time, I slept over at Nicole’s place after the party.

November 11 was a frustrating day. I suddenly have to cram for my org’s prod work design. I had to buy materials and I also had to go to Manila to claim my food. I (barely) survived that day but what can I do? I have to commit! (NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL)

November 12 was prod work day and for me, it was really really successful. The organisation’s theme for this semester is Walking Dead and we have to come up with something that has zombie vibes but not too gory. I am so proud of myself and of my committee!

November 13 was I-really-need-an-accounting-book day. I had to go all the way to Recto to purchase my accounting book. It was a cheaper version and was almost the same. I went to Taft to have dinner. That was a fun night.

November 14 was the first day of my Journalism 102 class (News writing). We were asked to write a headline and a lead to introduce ourselves. The class was fun, but I suddenly had second thoughts. Rumor has it that my professor is not too fond of giving high grades. I do not prioritised low grades for this semester.

November 15 was just a normal day and I can’t remember anything worth blogging. Hahaha

November 16 was I-got-robbed day. After my fun class (I enjoy my Friday class so much), I went to MOA for a date. I got a Tinkerbell balloon from Rico and we had window-shopping until my mother asked me to meet up with her. I was with my mom and my brother and we went to Cubao to shop and eat. I was not conscious enough until a waiter told me that my bag pocket was open… My orange coin purse was stolen. Good thing I was able to buy some dresses.

November 17 was a day meant for bumming. Before anything else, I attended the first half of the Economics leadership Summit Part 2 and then enjoyed watching movies with my sister and Katchu.

November 18 was the day that I watched The Lucky One for the first time! (FINALLY) Afterwards, I drowned myself with school works and finished at 3 AM.

November 19 was another prod work day! I had prod works for ETC and CAP.

November 20 was the start of the UPSE Organization Fair! This day was also the deadline of my BA 99.1 (Accounting) home work. Unfortunately, I didn’t note another exercise number so my home work was incomplete. I bet I was the lowest scorer.

November 21 was I-give-up day. With that, it means that I decided to cancel my Journalism 102 class. With an hour left before the deadline for changing matriculations end, I was able to cancel my class. I felt such relief knowing that I don’t have to deal with the subject for now. It was indeed a fun class but I can’t afford to have low grades.

November 22 was another-impromptu-trip-to-Manila day. I spent my Thursday evening at MOA with Rico. Again, we window shopped, dined and took pictures. This is one of the things I’ll never get tired of.

November 23 was one tiring Friday. We had a computer session in BA 181 (which I really enjoyed), we used Microsoft Excel, POM QM and Excel QM for minimization and maximization problems! I interned at the College of Arts and Letters Library for our Fil40 incentive ( + 0.25 in our final UP grade) and it was a bit overwhelming. The work there was a bit of a routine. I did shelving which was to check if the books are arrange in the shelf I was assigned to. Mind you, it took me an hour to finish the job. The call numbers weren’t that easy to check!! I also did some stamping and hopefully I get to use the typewriter. Heehee. After that, I went to the tiangge near Ilang-ilang Dormitory. One stall was selling imported shoes (they even had imported keds which cost 3000+) and I negotiated with a lay-away deal with the seller. Really looking forward to paying that beautiful pair in full already! And… I got a double-infinity-ala-Emily-Thorne henna! Watch Revenge so that you can relate!

November 24 was one of the most haggard of all my haggard days in UP. It was Economics Leadership Summit and CAP prodwork at the same time. But the superwoman in me performed the tasks demanded from me and I think I did a very good job. I am so happy I had a picture taken with the UP Diliman Student Council Chairperson, Ms. Heart Dino! After that, we had movie marathon and Happy Bundle and it was a very very fun afternoon and evening. I watched My Sassy Girl for the nth time, watched Little Manhattan for the third time I guess and watched the 3 Idiots for the first time. My goodness, that was one inspiring movie. Really really relevant!

November 25 was our  41st monthsary. I am always thankful and I am forever lucky.

Also, I finished my DIY room decorating project! I am really proud of my work and I even created an album and posted the photos in my Facebook account.

November 26 was CAPtivate Day 1! It was really an inspiring talk and it made me realize how I wanted to work under L’oreal Philippines so bad! It’s really my dream job just so you know guys. Banking may be another option. I am also considering the two-year program offered by Teach for the Philippines. But before anything else, I should become better and I hope I can do that. And so I must now finish my homework ’cause it’s already 3AM and my class starts in 4 hours!!



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