How was my 2012? Well, it sucks enough to get me really really excited for 2013. You may think I am too bitter but I do not also deny that some of my best moments happened during this year.

First and foremost, I survived my first year in UP with a satisfying grade. That means a lot to me. I even took Math 53 last summer which I enjoyed a lot. I got high scores which I was proud of (well, I seldom get a high score in Math ever since I went to UP). I also got my iphone and macbook this year as my 18th birthday gifts. Oh yes! I am now in legal age. My birthday celebration was okay, I had my friends, family and my boyfriend to celebrate it with me.

2012’s also the year that I get to be a member of three organizations. I have never felt this eagerness to be of service and to see my hardwork come into life. There may be stressful and sleepless nights, but they were all totally worth it. I also got to meet friends aside from my blockmates. I may not be a social butterfly, nor a total shy type, but I have enough friends to help me in my UP existence.

Speaking of UP, well I finally have a picture with the great UP Oblation. Not once, but twice. Yeaaaaaahhhhhh! I don’t believe in the curse though I was too scared when I had my picture taken with it for the first time.However, I do not blame that silly curse for the situation I had been to.

The days that I get to go home were really worth cherishing. I didn’t get to go home as frequent as I could this year compared to last year.  It’s really nice to eat ‘real food’ in our dining table, chatting and catching up. I even missed bullying my siblings hahaha! 

Then came second year, first semester. Oh god I can’t even reminisce. This is the hell-est semester. I almost always cry. I had a hard time juggling everything. To make it short, I failed one of my major subjects. This is the first time I am going to publish what really happened to me. A lot of the people close to me knew my situation and I bet others who may have known me before will definitely judge me once they knew about this. I did everything in my capacity to survive. There may have been distractions but I knew deep inside that I wanted to graduate with a degree in Economics. But I guess this course requires talent. I failed and during that moment, I broke down, not knowing what to do. But thank God for friends and family, every single one of them knew my situation and they did not even judge me. My orgmates helped me. My boyfriend was always willing to listen and my family supported my decision to shift. 

My decision to shift was a no-other-option decision. My adviser told me that I cannot lift my goddamn probation. I just have to use the second semester to prepare and raise my GWA. Overnight, i decided to give Business Administration a shot. BS BA is my target next year. I must shift. Make or break it. I thank God so much for giving me a chance to redeem myself. I miraculously got the subjects I needed for the second semester and I was already set. Hopefully, I get to shift next academic year. 

Last June 25, 2012 was Rico and I’s third anniversary. Everytime we’re together, it just makes me so happy and relieved from all the stress school has given me. Here’s to another year with you! 

Re-reading what I had just typed in this entry, I’d say I learned a lot. I may not have a lot of experiences to mention in here, but the abstract things that I picked up until the 366th day of the year is really incomparable to any thing right now. I thank every single one of you for being with me every step of the way. This may not be my year but I’d definitely own 2013! 

Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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