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This is my year-long project for 2013. It’s a 365-day photo blog!




I was with my two bestfriends, Sheen and Pat, last December 27. We had our short-notice sleepover which, as always, was fun. We had a Suits season 1 marathon and I am definitely hooked! (SPOILER ALERT!!!!) At the same time, Naruto manga came out. I am now rooting for Naruto and Hinata, the ending was cute and sweet ❤




Last Saturday, I was with Rico. We had a date and he brought huge oranges from Baguio. He also gave me this ‘wearable’ weapon which I really really love! We had an awesome afternoon catching up, taking pictures and watching VS fashion shows 2010 and 2011. Thank you and I really missed you!


4-up on 12-29-12 at 5.31 PM #3

4-up on 12-29-12 at 5.31 PM

It’s New Year’s eve already!!!!! And I am planning (well, I’ll definitely try) to blog my 2012 experience like most of the bloggers are doing. I am also two episodes away from Suits Season 2 finale!!!!


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