Well what can I say. I’ve become so busy I seldom blog again.There were exams, projects, org works to finish and I even got sick which, of course, made me incapable of doing heavy work. January 8 – My org mate celebrated her birthday and she treated us to lunch. She ordered two gigantic 36″ […]

Back in Katipunan

I just got back in Katipunan yesterday evening. After checking my Twitter, I found out that we have an exam this Saturday and yes, I panicked. Stress and Katipunan are sort of synonymous in my case. But yeah, it’s so good to be back despite the pressure (really, Macon?). I went to Greenhills shopping mall […]

Drive by

I finally got to experience driving along SCTEX! Yaaaaayy that was so fun and I just wish driving were as relaxing as that. Though I admit, I am not yet too confident to drive along busy streets. And our Ford Everest is in manual transmission so I really have to be abrupt in stepping whichever […]


I just had a haircut and it was okay. Well most of the time I regret having one. My curls are gone and I am back to my good old straight-haired self. I plan to grow my hair longer and hopefully it grows with much more volume. I may have a really really straight hair […]

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone! I am really really stoked for 2013! I was with my family last night making noises as the clock struck 12. I didn’t feel the need to jump hahaha anyway, our celebration was just normal. There’s lots of food, we enjoyed the fireworks, had picture-taking, and greeted our father who was […]