Drive by

IMG_3835I finally got to experience driving along SCTEX! Yaaaaayy that was so fun and I just wish driving were as relaxing as that. Though I admit, I am not yet too confident to drive along busy streets. And our Ford Everest is in manual transmission so I really have to be abrupt in stepping whichever and changing gears. I am still working on the breaks since I almost bumped into another vehicle while I was driving a few days ago. Haha, our driver and the people inside our car told me that I don’t really step on the brakes (they barely feel it) which should be (of course, to avoid accidents) otherwise.

I have already been progressing in my attempts to be productive before I go back to school. I may be working a little slow but I am already answering our previous accounting exercises and making a few reviewers for the first four chapters. Even though we already had an exam on these, I didn’t get a very satisfying grade, so I really have to work my ass off if I really wanted to get a high grade at the end of the semester. Next on my agenda is to rewrite my notes on my other subjects and also to master the Simplex Method for my other business class. Org tasks are also starting to pile up and I sort of liking the pressure building up again. I can confidently say that I am mentally prepared for school as long as I finish everything beforehand.

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