Back in Katipunan


I just got back in Katipunan yesterday evening. After checking my Twitter, I found out that we have an exam this Saturday and yes, I panicked. Stress and Katipunan are sort of synonymous in my case. But yeah, it’s so good to be back despite the pressure (really, Macon?).


I went to Greenhills shopping mall this morning to have my iphone fixed and thank God I can use it again for texting! Then we had our CWTS group meeting a while ago and discussed about our script for the group performance this March. It still needs major revisions and we’re working on it including the castings and props assignment.After that, I went to my former dormitory and met with my super duper close friend Huey, we even talked about being sisters from different mothers after having this picture taken hahahaha. I really really missed her and my other dorm mates! 🙂



Huey and I ate dinner at Roku which was just on the 5th level of my former dorm. It was my first time eating there and we even decided to try all the restaurants in Katipunan for our 2013 bucketlist!

I am just about to study for my exams and for my classes tomorrow. Hopefully I survive this week and that exam. Let’s go, 7am -5:30pm class tomorrow!

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