Well what can I say. I’ve become so busy I seldom blog again.There were exams, projects, org works to finish and I even got sick which, of course, made me incapable of doing heavy work.



January 8 – My org mate celebrated her birthday and she treated us to lunch. She ordered two gigantic 36″ pizzas and drinks. And then I had a committee meeting for the upcoming Roving Exhibit.I was wearing pants on this day and I now begin to appreciate wearing them. That’s my favorite pair (photo above) and I am definitely looking forward to buying more pants this year.


January 10 – oh God I love this view




January 11 – After my two classes, Rico and I had a date. Gravy Fix has this new sauce for their chicken and it’s reaaaaaaaally good! I am craving for it almost everyday and I don’t even know why I wasn’t able to go back. Anyway, I was already starting to get sick during this time. My voice was…. almost masculine I think :-/ Hahaha but we still went to Serenitea and had milk tea then played games in my iPhone. I really missed you! After our date, I went back to UP for our committee photoshoot. It was raining so we had to change location. I really adored the red hat I was wearing in one of the pictures, I think it really matched my tan polka dress.







January 12 – I ditched my DIY planner and got myself a Witty Will Save The World 2013 Planner. What made me do it? Well check their Facebook page and see how funny (well, for me) this planner is. It’s also a daily planner and it really makes me wanna write in it every day. During the morning, my org mates and I were doing prodwork for our Roving Exhibit, then I came home to spend time with my family. We went to Greenhills and got myself some new stuff, again. Hahaha.



January 13 – This day is called the intense-review-for-BA-181-with-my-spikey-headband day.


January 14 – Aftermath of our BA 181 exam. Neither happy nor miserable. I’m hoping for the best.





January 15 – This is practically a semi-hell week. It’s SIDHI week (free icecream yey), start of the Roving Exhibit and a week-long preparation for the career fair. So basically, all of my organizations are busy preparing for different events. At the same time, I was also preparing for my Journalism report which I, admittedly, crammed because of my previous exam. However, we had no Journalism class during that day and I even thought my burden’s almost over. Sigh.


January 17 – oh yes, I am officially done with that reporting requirement!


January 18 – And I thought I was already going to watch Les Miserables but…. I went ballpen shopping instead 😦 I hated this day.




January 19 – my sister’s prom is just a week away so we went to SM Megamall to buy her shoes and other necessities. Thank God almost every store was on sale so I was able to get some new stuff too. I got 4 leggings (from 300+ to 90php!), an adorable hairbrush and a pair of sunglasses all from F21. Hopefully, I get to shop again before the sale ends! 


January 20 – today’s a happily yummy day! (lol this part only) The rest of the day was a total wreck. 😦

I think I must force myself to blog again later. I am in dire need of something that I can be of help for everything that I have been going through right now. Something that I would be able to channel all my emotions in. LOLOLOLOL


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