The Perfect Heartbreak Playlist


Thought Catalog

Emotional Cutter Definition: Someone who inflicts mental or emotional harm on themself, usually because of a loved one or a potential loved one’s action or inaction. Other reasons may include uncertain friendships, jobs you’re trying to escape from, and any experience that causes you to have negative feelings that you’re reveling in.

Examples of emotional cutting: (1) Wanting to spend lots of time with someone who you are madly in love with even though you have been friendzoned. (2) Imagining a relationship with someone who doesn’t want you. (3) Social media stalking an ex who seems happier without you. (4) Social media stalking anyone who portrays a life that you think you want.


  • You intentionally say or do things to remind yourself of the love you had or did not have in order to feel the painful but exhilarating feelings.
  • You check a loved one’s or potential loved one’s…

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