The 10 Different Types Of Exes There Are

Thought Catalog

They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and heights, mental and physical states. When the arguments have ceased and the harsh words have settled, your once coveted significant other will transform.

The Angry. Either the breakup was your fault or they just can’t handle failure gracefully. Any mention of your name sends them spiraling into a vortex of rage and disgust. They’ll send you bitter text messages and leave offensive voicemails and eventually drown in a sea of vexation. The passion that once wrapped loving arms around you has turned to utter disgust. Give them time and space and understanding, as love and hate are not too distant of cousins.

The Heartbroken. Either the breakup was their fault or they just don’t know how to handle a lasting love. They’re willing to do anything and say everything to fix what the two of you so fantastically destroyed. You hear…

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