Things That I Want

This is what I want.

Thought Catalog

I want someone to say beautiful things to.

I want to look out my bedroom window and see a tree with thick green leaves.

I want to wear deep red lipstick and kiss the people I love all over their shoulders.

I want to learn how to poach an egg.

I want an old man with long gray hair to teach me how to play the banjo.

I want people to stop being stupid about marriage and gender and racial equality and realize that everyone deserves to feel safe and true to who they are on the inside.

I want teachers to teach literature that isn’t all written by old white men.

I want someone to reimagine the videogame Halo with ukuleles instead of guns.

I want to find all the people who never got asked to slow dance at school dances and slow dance with them until their feet…

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