This Is What You Get For Falling Out Of Love

Thought Catalog

This is what you get for falling out of love. You get to share a bed with them still, even after you’ve come to the cold, hard realization that there’s nothing left between you two. You get to show them in myriad devastating ways that the love is no longer there. If you think they don’t know, if you think you’ve done a good job of keeping it a secret, think again. They know.

One minute they’re there and the next, they’re gone, baby gone. What was it exactly that took them away from you? What took all of the love you had for this person and sucked it dry? You’d really like to know! Perhaps it would alleviate you of your guilt, make you feel like you didn’t have such a fickle heart. (Spoiler: Your heart is fickle. We screw over the ones we love all the time but…

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