Realizations and Life Plans

A few days ago, I’ve had a lot of life and self realizations. After all the pain people inflicted on me, I learned to value myself more. This time, I wanted to experience life and reconstruct myself and let the people I love experience the best version of myself. It’s the least I could do to thank them for sticking with me through the lowest points of my life.

As I was staring at my office computer yesterday, I realized that I still don’t have a legitimate 2013 bucketlist eventhough I had tons of plans to accomplish, events to attend in and places to go to. I’ll still have to type my bucketlist at my Listography, though (will link it maybe later).

Another thing that I am planning to do is what I named as ‘Project Happiness’. During a certain day of every month, I plan to go out, experience life and have the time to spoil myself. Hopefully, I can do these activities with my family and friends. I must have the time and money (huhuhuhu) as well. This project starts this Saturday, yaaaaaaayyyy!!!

Also, after “cleaning” my iPhoto, I shall now revive my three-month-goner photo blog. It was one of my new year’s resolutions and yes, being my expressive self again, I wanted to appreciate my life through those daily photographs. Thank God iPhoto sorts pictures by dates!!

Before ending this, I still have another realization– that my life is an open book. If you are my friend who knows all my blog links, Listography, Pinterest, Polyvore, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, you’d probably think that I am an attention whore (hahahahahahaha or not) when in fact I don’t see myself as one. I am one sentimental lady, I love keeping things, I love taking pictures, I love making new memories and I love to share those memories with the people who loves me and whom I love in return. I love expressing myself through writing, I love to expose my creative side, and I love it more when people appreciate (or even compliment) and understand it.

It makes me smile to know that I am going back to that 15-year old girl who just loves to express herself in all means possible. I thank the Lord, for making me feel all these positivity despite all the negativity that has happened. 🙂


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