How To Tell If Someone Is Right For You

Hmmmm I’m not so sure whether this post makes sense or not. 😦

Thought Catalog

The first step in knowing if someone is right for you is accepting that no relationship is ever going to be picture perfect. No relationship is 100% perfect all the time or even most of the time, and you may have little doubts that pop up every now and again. But you always suppress them because you are that much in love. Sure, everyone seems perfect at the very beginning, but we all have our flaws, our “South Fork Inn” if you catch the Revenge reference. And that’s when you know someone is right for you, because despite whatever flaws they have, however imperfect they are, you love them all the more. You love them through their imperfections.

When you go on a date with someone new, or even when you’ve been in a relationship with them for a while, there are 10,000 little things that signal you whether or…

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