9 Things You’ll Regret After A Breakup


Thought Catalog

1. Expensive items you bought for him/her. At the time those lavish gifts were purchased it seemed like a sweet gesture for your future life companion, but now that you’re certain this isn’t the Cory to your Topanga (or vice versa) — every transaction you ever made becomes a financial regret. I mean, your bank account balance would be three times what it currently is had you not spoiled your former lover with boatloads of crap they didn’t deserve. There should a “Breakup Insurance” that offers folks some type of monetary replenishment in the event that their relationship meets its demise. A fat paycheck after every separation would make heartbreak oodles more bearable.

2. Past freak-outs. They are highly humiliating but when you’re with someone long enough, they are bound to happen. Sometimes jealousy/a lack of trust results in those embarrassing nights that you’ll forever be ashamed of. You know…

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