How To Tell If Someone Is Right For You

Hmmmm I’m not so sure whether this post makes sense or not. 😦

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The first step in knowing if someone is right for you is accepting that no relationship is ever going to be picture perfect. No relationship is 100% perfect all the time or even most of the time, and you may have little doubts that pop up every now and again. But you always suppress them because you are that much in love. Sure, everyone seems perfect at the very beginning, but we all have our flaws, our “South Fork Inn” if you catch the Revenge reference. And that’s when you know someone is right for you, because despite whatever flaws they have, however imperfect they are, you love them all the more. You love them through their imperfections.

When you go on a date with someone new, or even when you’ve been in a relationship with them for a while, there are 10,000 little things that signal you whether or…

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Things That Are Not Unusual

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It’s not unusual to want everything.

It’s not unusual to not want anything.

It’s not unusual to cry for absolutely no reason.

It’s not unusual to want to be anybody but you.

It’s not unusual to want to run away.

It’s not unusual to wonder how everything will work out.

It’s not unusual to spend an entire day in bed, just breathing, because that’s all you can do.

It’s not unusual to want to be alone and yet want someone to care enough to bother you.

It’s not unusual to want someone to rescue you.

It’s not unusual to believe that a change, any change, would do you some good.

It’s not unusual to want to change for someone else.

It’s not unusual to not be sure of anything.

It’s not unusual to want to be with someone who you’re sure doesn’t want to be with you, and to keep…

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Project Happiness 1


For my very first Project Happiness, I decided to go to Divisoria and find materials for my DIY flower crown project. I was with my very supportive college bestfriend (hello!! hihi) during the LRT ride to Recto and until I was able to ride a jeep to Divisoria. At first, I was pretty nervous that I might get lost and won’t be able to enjoy my trip but it turned out really really great 😀 I was able to buy clothes, shoes, accessories and fake flowers for just super cheap prices.



This is the faux flowers stall. It was too beautiful and heaven-like. It’s as if they’re all real flowers. It really fascinates me that they make arrangements and bouquets too!



These are the accessories I bought during the trip and I also purchased a Casio vintage watch (been eyeing to have one for so long already). Yaaaay I finally have a wrist watch again 😀





Finally, these are the fake flowers I bought. As soon as I got home, I started making flower crowns and will make more for my best friends. I don’t know if I should also sell them but that would be a great idea since I want to watch Rihanna’s concert.

My day didn’t end there yet, I still had two org meetings. The first one was at my place, it was Team CAPture’s post-plan meeting. We brainstormed and thought of proposals for the said event. It was very productive that we suddenly felt the excitement to execute the event. I’m hoping I could think of something for the gallery as soon as possible. An hour after that meeting ended, I had an online meeting with my very unstopPUBle committee. We talked about the recruitment strategies and other main concerns that needed the participation of our committee. Our meeting ended past 10 PM already and I suddenly thought of ending my day with my favorite Serenitea fix. Thank God I arrived 10 minutes before closing time.

It was a perfect May 25.

Weekend randomness





Last Friday, my sister attended her friend’s debut and I was the one who styled and did her hair and make-up. She wore a long black see-through dress which we bought at The Ramp Crossings, Trinoma and black pumps. I experimented my newly-bought  moisturizer and bronzer on her face, repaired her brows and did a golden brown smokey eye effect.


This is a throwback collage with my two bestfriends, they’re both celebrating their 18th birthdays this June and I can’t wait to celebrate with them.


This is from my former tutee,Victor.  We still communicate via Facebook and Twitter (he’s in grade 4 and yes he has a twitter). It’s really cute that he still addresses me as Teacher Macon. I may not always like kids but my tutee is an exception.

A Little Salt In Your Wounds Heals Them


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When I was little, my mom would take me to the beach while we had summer vacation (she was a teacher, and we lived on Long Island). I remember her telling me to run into the ocean so the salt water would heal the bug bites that I had scratched open, and I didn’t want to, because it would make them burn and sting. It’s something that’s become metaphoric now that I’m older. A few days ago, I called my mom, and as she was telling me about the part of our house that’s being rebuilt after Sandy destroyed it, for some reason, I just remembered that a little salt in your wounds heals them.

A little (metaphorical) push is usually what has made me move when I didn’t otherwise feel compelled to. Regardless of what great things it yielded, it was still a push, and I hated it at the time. The thing about people…

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